Database is a collection of information which can be managed, accessed and also can be updated. Database management system is a software application used to interact with other applications and users. Database management system is designed to manage, update, create, querying and handle administration of database. There are lot of database management systems are available like MySQL, Microsoft SQl Server, Oracle etc.

A program that gives services to other computers and computer programs are called database server. Computer programs like photo galleries and content management systems needs specialized database programs. SQL is used by many database software to access the data through them. For example the blogs, blogs software needs the space to store the post and retrieve later when the user visit the webpage.

There are many reasons to use MySQL database as it is easy to use, more secure , fast and inexpensive. It has the ability to manage the memory very well. Database management system comes up with lot of advantages like it can control the data redundancy and data consistency.

The best part is it provides the best security that means only authorized person can access the database and users are only allowed to retrieve and update the data, it also helps to create the environment where the end user can respond to the changes and access more better organized and managed data and make it possible to access more better quality data.

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