Our Process

Software development process

We have worked out a unique approach to a variety of tasks and activities that take place during the software development process. Thus in order to monitor software lifecycles, we've set out a clear model for the software development process, which in its turn consists of the following stages:

web-design-process web-design-process-mobi

Our company's primary goal lies in maintaining tried and true methods for every task. This allows us to improve both our overall productivity and service quality. For this purpose, our staff do their best to organise the seemingly unruly process of software development. We apply project management techniques to software development in order to always deliver our projects on time and within budget limitations, allowing us to meet customer's expectations in terms of functionality, costs and deadlines.

Communication process

Our company is eager to offer our services in different areas throughout the world.

We understand that the project workflow depends greatly on the communication process between us and our customers, so we strive to make it as clear, thorough and efficient as possible.

  • Online task and support management system
  • Email
  • Phone and video conferencing
  • Online chat
  • Desktop sharing
  • Instant messenger: Skype / MSN / ICQ

Please, feel free to contact us using any of the methods stated above.



We provide software developing in real time by posting the total amount of time spent on work, time left until completion, funds invoiced and paid in a special access area available only to clients.

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