.Net is the major technology introduced by Microsoft. It is a strategy for connecting systems, information and devices through web services so people can participate and communicate.

.NET provides you with a powerful framework to code upon without writing a single word. The .NET platform was designed to provide the ability to have user information automatically updated and synchronized and make the entire range of computing devices work together.

.Net applications are compiled to Intermediate language which is similar to Java byte code, instead of machine code. .Net Framework is developers first priority these days as it is language independent which makes it easy to use and understand. .Net also have the ability to combine various communications media, such as e-mail, faxes, and telephones.

.Net helps to ignore the maximum amount of unnecessary codes and involves less coding for the developers. Developers choose to work on Dot Net as it increases their Production and quality. It has all the facility to provide websites with different functions and manage it at the same time.

.Net framework structure supports multiple programming languages like C#.net, vb.net, and J#.net. It have the ability to Increase interactive capability for Web sites, enabled by greater use of XML(Extensible Markup Language) rather than HTML.

ASP.NET is a widely used as a development framework for creating enterprise level web application. Whether you want to build a small or a large web application ASP.Net is the best technology for development of dynamic applications.

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