.PHP is a very famous and popular server side scripting language designed for web development and also used as a programming language.

PHP code embedded into HTML code can be used with various web template systems, Content management systems and various web frameworks. The code in PHP is processed by PHP interpreter.

PHP web development means making dynamic web pages and websites using server side scripting language. PHP is well known as it is a feature rich language which has all the benefits of functionality that a paid scripting language can offer.

PHP is free of cost open source language updated and developed by developers. It is capable of designing any type of website and can also handle lot of traffic. PHP is a most preferable language and more often used by many website builders for example: Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia use PHP as their framework. Programmers have many reasons to use PHP and one of them is that it is easily readable and understandable syntax, and also it is very familiar and they are very comfortable coding with it.

PHP is a platform independent that means can be run on all major operating systems like Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, UNIX, and also support all major web servers like iplanet server, Netscape, Personal web server. PHP provides faster developments as it uses its own memory space which helps to decrease the loading time and work from the server.

PHP is one of the best proven, trusted and being used since very long. It is trusted by every programmer and website developer. All its capabilities are proven by maintaining most popular websites.

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