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Ext JS helps us to build cross-platform web application for computers, tablets, and smartphones like android, iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft surface pro and RT, Blackberry.

Sencha Ext JS provides all a developer require to build a small or a large web applications.

The huge set of Ext JS tools and themes help improve advance productivity and speed up the delivery of awesome and creative looking web applications. Tools are available for developers and designers to help them with everything they need for application design, development, theming as well as build perfectly functioning web as well as mobile application.

Sencha Touch have customizable user interface which make is more user friendly and offers loads of personalization opportunities. It provide better quality and clarity as the drawings and charts are designed in the vector format. One of the best reason of using Sencha Ext js is that it lower the cost of application development.

Themer available in Sencha enables you to easily design customized application themes without writing code. Themer gives you access to all Ext JS components to generate theme packages with dynamic style sheets. The Sencha Grid help organizations to handle and manage millions of records. ExtJS has been used to make number of web as well as mobile applications.

Ext JS includes lot of highly performing, pre-tested and integrated user interface components including calendar, grids, pivot grids, charts, trees. layout manager helps to organize the data display and content across various devices, screen and browsers. The Ext JS is featured to be able to handle millions of records smoothly.

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